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Affinity Water Fairfield Reservoir

We completed a new three pump booster pumping station installed at Fairfield where we provided a site manager on this project from the Civil Engineering to the Mechanical and Electrical Commissioning Stages on this project which was another successful project for SRE.

SRE completed the Electrical installed within the new booster kiosk installing cable management systems for the booster pumps and local isolators on each pump line, we also fitted new suction and discharge pressure instrumentation to the pipework installing local junction boxes for the instrumentation and level probes installing cabling to the Pump VSD Starter Sections and the ICA which was completed successfully and in schedule with the commissioning programme.

We installed new Power and Control Cabling to the existing Rotork Valves and Telemetry Outstations and Sampling Kiosks onsite and SRE installed complete Building Services within the Booster Pump Kiosk installing new IP66 Light Fittings, Heating and Extraction Fans etc.

Our Client was very happy with the Electrical Installation completed with our Site Manager monitoring site progress and daily pre-start briefings enabling this to be delivered on time by our team, looking forward to working with them again on the next MEICA Project.

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