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Saddlescombe WTW UV Disinfection Plant

We have completed a new UV Disinfection Plant on a Water Treatment Works in West Sussex, we have installed two new UV Reactor Control Panels with a new UV Common Control Panel within the Main Pumping Station Building supplied from a new Three Phase Distribution Board.

We have installed and manufactured new cable management systems within the main pumping station building from the Control Panels to the new UV Disinfection Plant and installed Power and Control SWA Cabling from the UV Disinfection Plant, Actuated Valves and Water Quality Instrumentation. We have assisted with the commissioning and final handover stages on this project to ensure this was delivered on time to provide clean and serviceable drinking water to customers.

Our client was happy with the Electrical Installation on this project which was completed over an 8 week period delivered on time and within budget by our team and maintaining high standards throughout the project, We look forward to working with them on the next MEICA Project in AMP 7.

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